Professor Stephen Hawking Discussing the Future of Particle Physics and the Chinese Great Collider

By Stephen Hawking

About the author: Professor Stephen W. Hawking is probably the only living scientist today who needs no introduction to the public in this world.

Professor Stephen Hawking presented the following statements by the invitation of Professor Shing-Tung Yau.

Particle physics is definitely not a dying field. It is however an entirely different enterprise than it was in 1980. Since then, the standard model looks to be essentially confirmed and this may give the impression that the field is complete. However, that is far from being true. There are phenomena that are just not included in the standard model. Some are CP violation, neutrino oscillations, dark matter. In theory, the problems are immense: how to include gravity, the recently discovered dualities of quantum field theories, quark confinement, dark energy, black holes, early-universe cosmology. It is a different world but one that offers huge challenges to ambitious young people interested in how our Universe works. China has an incredible opportunity to become the world leader here — don’t waste it. A good example is to build the Great Collider that can lead high energy physics for the next fifty years.




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